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Lubrication Filling Procedures Wheel Ends

Lubrication Filling Procedures Wheel Ends
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Published: 03/23/12

Proper lubrication is essential in all types of bearings. It provides a film that separates the bearing’s moving parts, preventing metal to metal contact. Over-filling or under-filling can result in component failure.

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  1. KT 2012-08-07 14:09:14
    Lube Filling Procedures wheel Ends

    FYI- the bearing in the Figure 2 pic appears to be installed upside-down in the packer.

  2. rshaffer 2012-08-10 08:40:59
    Lube filling Procedures

    KT, I checked in with our technical team. The image is correct,you should always put the small end of the taper down first when using this type of grease packer. I do see the potential for confusion because we mention that when doing it by hand, "you should force grease in from the large end to the small end." Then it is not clarified for the packer. Appreciate your note. Ryan


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